welcome to scarlet flame

- the shrine dedicated to the lively and childlike, but more mature then you could think Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth.

It was my intention to shrine this for a long time and now that Amassment has the Old School Challenge, here I am. Be aware this shrine will be MOSTLY dedicated to the manga version, I will say something about both anime and OVA version; but the Hikaru I love the most is the manga one. If you haven't read or watched this series, be aware this one is full of UNMARKED spoilers, so continue, but don't get angry with me if you get spoiled on this old timer.

As last, this shrine is part of Old School Challenge running at Amassment board.

~ Saya at SilverBlood.Net | Amassment | Bad Ass Bitches | Updated on February 2015