Hikaru Shidou is one of protagonists, if not THE protagonist of Magic Knight Rayearth series done by CLAMP - she is the one that is representing the fire magic and thus the red colors is associated with her.

She is probably one of the most loved CLAMP characters even if the series she is from is an old and short story. It's both her looks and her strong will that helps a lot when it comes to loving her. Aside that she also loves animals a lot and can communicate with them, which baffles the other two Magic Knights, especially Umi.

I won't talk a lot here about her, because then I wouldn't have anything to say in her personality or appearance section. But I will talk a little about her life on earth.

While we don't know about her parents, we get to find out during the series that she has a dog that she loves very much and his name is Hikari. Her hobby is playing with him, and she also says that she can understand animals because all animals are the same it doesn't matter if they are magical, you just have to listen the right way, like with her dog Hikari.

She has three older brothers: Satoru, Masaru and Kakeru, who are overly protective of their youngest sister, and during the part between the ending of the first story arc, while they are still on Earth and going back to Cephiro; they are worried that is a boy that makes their sister depressed, while the younger two keep guessing about it, the oldest goes to her and tells her that whatever she needs they are there for her.

It is said that her father left for a training journey when she was five, because she had beaten him in a kendo match.